3D Papercraft Frankenstein

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

Bob Canada is not a country. Heck, he’s not even Canadian. Bob Canada is an American cartoonist who, apparently, is trying to confuse us with his name. Bob keeps an art blog where, some time ago, he challenged himself to draw 100 different Frankensteins. Unfortunately, Bob keeps posting all kinds of fun stuff on his blog and the Frankensteins are few and far between. At the rate he’s going, Bob should be posting his final Frankenstein sometime around 2057. Until then, you can see his Frankensteins conveniently collected on a 100 Frankensteins Project Flickr page.

Among Bob’s creations is a rather ingenious, 11-inch high papercraft Frankenstein that you can assemble to amuse yourself and impress your friends with. Simply print, cut, fold and glue it together. All very simple and straightforward. A monkey could do this.

Bob says the 3-D Frankenstein is a bit top heavy and tends to fall over. I suggest taping a dime to its feet so it stays upright. Or, you could sue Bob for making your life miserable.

Papercraft Frankenstein download.

Art of Frankenstein: Bob Canada
Frankenstein Halloween Mask

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