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The Ninth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were announced on Wednesday night and I am thrilled to report that Frankensteinia has been voted BEST BLOG!

I’ll level with you. I never thought I could go all the way and win this award. I was immensely pleased with the nomination but I thought maybe this blog was too specialized, too focused on one subject to earn first place, as opposed to other blogs that reach far and wide and cover a comprehensive range of horror subjects. Then again, Frankenstein is Forever and I owe this blog’s success to the perennial popularity of Mary Shelley’s remarkable creation and our unending fascination with all its manifestations.

I also owe more than I can measure to those who have encouraged and supported me with their kind words and the bloggers who have so generously endorsed Frankensteinia on their own blogs, on Twitter and Facebook.

I send heartfelt thanks to Stacie Ponder of Final Girl and Tim Lucas of Video WatchBlog for their endorsements, especially as they were nominated in the Best Blog category along with me! I thank the mysterious Arbogast of Arbogast on Film and Greg Ferrara of Cinema Styles for their unremitting support. Thank you to Brian Solomon at The Vault of Horror and Erick Bognar of Wonderful Wonderblog. Thanks to Chris at Frog on the Pumpkin, Rogue Evolent of The Roads of Autumn Dusk and Mike at The Skull and the Pumpkin. Thanks to Mark Redfield, a supporter from day one, at An Actor’s Notebook, and thanks to Holger Hasse of Hammer and Beyond. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

And then there’s Max Cheney, the nitwitty operator of The Drunken Severed Head blog, who went so far as to campaign for me! Max, last year’s Best Blog winner and nominated again this time, threw his support, his influence and the kitchen sink behind Frankensteinia. Back when I kicked off this blog in the summer of ’07, Max gave me my first review, my first link and became my first friend in horror blogdom. After all this time, I still can’t get rid of him. Max has always been generous with support, praise, advice and encouragement. He is a brother to me and a true and faithful ally. I cherish his friendship.

Thanks go out to David Colton and his accomplices for making the Rondos happen, a incredible achievement in and of itself.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Rondo nominees and winners. Celebrating personal favorites, allow me to congratulate Belle Dee, Best Fan Artist. And don’t let the “fan” tag fool you, Belle is a Pro through and through. Congratulations to Kim Newman, a favorite author of mine, who gets Rondoed as Best Reviewer, and Mark Redfield, a runner up for Best Interviewer. Hooray to Women in Horror Month as Best Fan Event and Bravo to the Rondo committee for splitting the Best Magazine Award into two categories, Mass and Fan Markets, allowing my two favorite magazines, Rue Morgue and Monsters from the Vault, to win Rondos. And Extra Special congrats to Tim and Donna Lucas, who hold my undying admiration, for being elevated to the Monster Kid Hall of Fame.

Finally, I want to thank all of YOU who follow Frankensteinia, especially the regulars who check in every few days. You keep me going.

Rondo Awards: The complete list of winners.

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