The Weird Creatures of Travis Louie

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The eyes seem to follow you…

Fans of the dark and devilish run the gamut, as far as personal taste goes. While one person may enjoy the blood-soaked mayhem of a classic slasher flick, another may find their enjoyment in the more subdued. It is with that particular fan in mind that I introduce you to the mesmerizing world of artist Travis Louie…

Louie is a genius when it comes to blending the mirthful and macabre. An illustrator of uncanny ability and talent, his paintings transport you to a world populated by the type of oddball curiosities you would expect to find at a Tod Browning family reunion. Half-animal gentlemen mingle with distinguished simian scholars and fetching forest nymphs while pumpkin-headed chaps cavort with amphians, germs, bacteria, and krampus. Not menacing in the least, this menagerie of mutated souls evokes genuine yearning in the beholder to know their secrets, their origins. Luckily, Travis Louie provides us with just that.

He has said that his creative process begins with a back story for each character, and in his recently published book “Curiosities” we are treated to a delightful insight into each and every denizen of his rather limitless imagination. The stories are every bit as wonderfully-conceived as the paintings themselves – Louie has a natural gift for whimsy – but the real beauty lies in the masterful renderings of these hapless souls. Truly photographic in their quality, Travis Louie’s painting are a thing of magic to behold. His mastery of hair and eyes is superhuman, and his comprehension of facial expression is surreal. I dare you to frame and display one of his portraits amongst your family photos at home and observe as visitors gasp (discreetly) at poor cousin Mermin, wondering how such a tragic fellow could be linked to your lineage…

If you’re able to find a copy of Travis Louie’s “Curiosities”, it’s a true keepsake! His fine art prints are available through Circus Posterus at, where you can also find amazing prints by the likes of Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Sas Christian, and Colin Christian.

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