DESTROY ALL MONSTERPALOOZAS! Godzilla Actor Crashes Event This Weekend

by on Apr.06, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web


Exclusive 11×17 Event Poster: “The Man of a Thousand Monsters”

Finally, Godzilla is coming to town! This weekend, the man who played the original Godzilla, Haruo Nakajima, will stomp into Burbank for the third annual Monsterpalooza horror film celebration at the Marriott Convention Center, April 8, 9 & 10, 2011! The “Man of a Thousand Monsters” will be signing autographs all three days, and will also be on stage for two presentations over the weekend, speaking about his experiences in bringing these characters to life — including the various accidents and injuries he sustained while taking on the roles of Rodan, Varan, Baragon, Green Gargantua, and many other titanic terrors, as — arguably — the world’s foremost monster suit actor.

Mr. Nakajima starred anonymously in one of the greatest movie franchises in history — from the somber allegories of the 1950s to the colorful monster mashes of the 1960s. For many westerners, these films stimulated an interest in Japan, with Godzilla serving as a surrogate cultural ambassador — largely thanks to his performances. Mr. Nakajima is a living legend, and bringing him to Monsterpalooza is an honor, and he’s looking forward to meeting American fans,” said August Ragone, author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters. This may be Mr. Nakajima‘s last visit to the US, and his first trip back to California since 2000, and this may be the opportunity of a lifetime for some fans — so don’t miss this event!

Monsterpalooza, organized by Eliot Brodsky, has quickly become the premiere gathering of fans of creature features in the US. Having hosted scores of actors and filmmakers from classic films to today’s latest shockers, including this year’s guests: Julie Adams and Ricou Browning (The Creature from the Black Lagoon), Bert I. Gordon (The Amazing Colossal Man), Carla Laemmle (Dracula), Joe Dante (The Howling), Alan Ormsby (Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things), Bob Dix (Forbidden Planet), Jack Hill (Spider Baby), James Hong (Big Trouble In Little China), and many, many more! But, this will mark the event’s first guest from Japan — a great opportunity for monster mavens to meet the one-and-only Godzilla himself, Haruo Nakajima — truly making this Monsterpalooza an international event!

At Mr. Nakajima‘s booth, all weekend, there will be several event-exclusive items for sale and auction, with a large portion of the proceeds going directly to the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund, including (see top image for a look at our exclusive 11×17 “The Man of a Thousand Monsters” poster), while supplies last:

Glossy Color 8×10: “Godzilla Conquers Monsterpalooza”

Glossy B&W 8×10: “King of the Suit Actors”

In addition, we will also be auctioning off a handful of incredible and limited-edition 20×25 giclée prints of “The Man of a Thousand Monsters” poster art at Monsterpalooza (see top image), signed and numbered by Mr. Nakajima and the artist, Jolyon B. Yates. The entire amount raised in the auction of these beautiful giclée prints will be donated in full to the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

For more information on this weekend’s event, please visit the official Monsterpalooza website!

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