"GODZILLA VS. MEGALON" DVD A HOAX? Pie In My Eye? Or Much To Do About Nothing?

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

This is a story that truly stretches the Borders of Reality! @ Toho

Apparently, there is a contradictory report posted by another website about the previously entry concerning an upcoming GODZILLA VS. MEGALON DVD, alleging that was never happening in the first place. This is curious, because my source claims there were active inquiries asking for their participating in providing materials for a proposed set of special features, and that an audio commentary was mentioned. While I was asked to keep the identity of my source secret, I do have several e-mails which are contrary to these dismissals. I could have attempted to save face by saying, “I know I said that this wasn’t an April’s Fool joke, but it was — gotcha!”, but that’s not me.

Sure, I could have contacted Media Blasters or Toho for some kind of confirmation, but as is usually the case with private business dealings — before official announcements are made — if you’re not involved on either the Licensor’s or the Licensee’s side, they will either blow you off or tell you to mind your own business. Or deny it altogether. So, was my source mistaken? Did those who were seeking my source’s participation, lie? Was this an “elaborate hoax”? Or was this done to make me look silly? Or to “discredit” me? (Can you feel my eyes rolling into the back of my head?)

I certainly don’t feel silly, nor angry, embarrassed, or remotely upset. Rather, I find this pretty insidiously funny, actually. “Sh*t happens”, as they say. Now, whatever the case may be, I’m sure that it will “all come out in the wash”. Surprisingly, this turgid soap opera actually has become far more interesting that the original subject of the story. Or is it? Again, I do have those e-mails from my source, which would open about a dozen can of worms… But, would that really be worth it? I leave that to the individual to decide. As for me, it looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines!

“Holy shit, Jet Jaguar! What will we do!?”

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