The Art of Frankenstein : Stéphane Halleux

by on Apr.04, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

Belgian sculptor Stéphane Halleux’s humpback, skinny-legged Frankenstein is, appropriately enough, cobbled together from discarded machinery, wire, wood pulp and leather.

Halleux recalls being inspired as a child, on a museum visit, by Jean Tinguely’s satirical Rube Goldberg-like contraptions that included, famously, a self-destructing sculpture. Schooled in illustration and comics, Halleux drifted to animation, working as a colorist and a layout man in Luxembourg-based studios for six years until he grew tired of the field and jumped ship in 2001. Taking a job with a second-hand furniture dealer, Halleux found himself surrounded by antiques, vintage appliances and sundry recyclable parts, the raw materials that he would begin reassembling into unique, whimsical creations.

Halleux’s goggled, biomechanical characters drive massive leather-covered cars and ride lawnmower wheelchairs that seem to threaten electrocution. They fly with folding batwings or industrial-grade propeller beanies. Animals include an articulated metal horse, a rusting dog with a toaster body and a bear trap jaw, and delicate porcelain spiders. Low-tech robots are assembled from screws, springs and bizarre radio dials.

Stéphane Halleux has been producing his intricate and amazingly detailed sculptures for well-heeled collectors since 2005.

Stéphane Halleux’s wonderful website shows an abundance of sculptures, with lots of closeups on the beautiful details.

Halleux’s photo from Sweet Station.

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