The MC of Midnight Scare Theater!

by on May.02, 2018, under Syndicated from the Web

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Take it from me, being a horror host is hard work– but sometimes it’s downright MURDER! And you can take that tidbit from Jimmy Olsen! That’s right, you groaners, today we have a Jimmy Olsen tale, but we’re gonna put our own terror twist on this one because it’s all about late night 50’s TV horror hosts and monster movies… and yeah yeah, the meh-ending is dumb, but as most of these silly stories prove, without a doubt half the fun is getting there! (Also, Supe is barely even in this one so we have that going for us as well.) And I’ll be the first to admit, if this yarn did have a better ending it might actually have made for a great William Castle movie because it really is a killer concept! So how about this– everyone read the story and then let’s all come up with a more THOIA-esque, appropriate ending, shall we? Make it downbeat and evil, extra gloomy, even suicidally sad. Or maybe keep it upbeat, but add a touch of deadly, icky irony! Or we can just bummeroo on the usual things associated with post code DC hero stuff, whaaaaatever ya’s want. Personally, I think these bonkeroo Jimmy tales are a blast– so let’s have some fun with it! You guys like fun, right?! Afterwards, you can eat a big sandwich.

Originally presented in the July 1959 issue of Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #38.

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